The Woodlands Methodist School

Campus Resources


The facilities for The Woodlands Methodist School are housed on the campus of The Woodlands United Methodist Church. Security of the students is of our upmost importance. Individuals must check in with the receptionist before entering the locked doors. Classrooms are organized by age. Classrooms are large and inviting, and filled with age-appropriate materials. The playground is designed with the different age groups in mind. Playgrounds for older children have more room to run and have swings and larger climbing structures. Elementary students are able to use the large gymnasium for physical education and special events. Additionally, a library is available for the students to visit and check out books.


The library strives to promote the mission of the school and provides a welcoming environment where students, faculty, staff and parents can locate information in a variety of formats to assist in their academic, spiritual and recreational pursuits. Library goals and objectives target activities that develop lifelong learners, encourage love of literature, and promote independent seekers of information. Students visit the library each week to check out books, as well as for story time and lessons that teach students the skills necessary to be effective users of information in all its forms. 


Our faculty embraces technology in the classroom to support curriculum on many levels, all of which go toward increased comprehension, active engagement, and both autonomous and collaborative learning methods. Along with the utilization of common computers in the library, each of our classrooms are equipped with large-screen displays, notebook computers and tablets.


Our students attend chapel each week on Wednesday. The Woodlands United Methodist Church Children’s Ministry team presents age-appropriate Bible stories with songs and activities. Chapel details are posted online for continued learning and family communication.